Post-harvest applications are your most important strategy.

How Acadian Plant Health biostimulants help vineyards and orchards post-harvest.

Vineyards and orchards face numerous challenges throughout the season, affecting plants’ yield and long-term health. Trees and vines are often weakest post-harvest as they recover from various stresses, such as heat waves and drought. They require a proper store of nutrients and carbohydrates to overwinter and fuel new growth in the spring. With Acadian Plant HealthTM biostimulants, growers can ensure their crops have enough energy to start strong next season.

Acadian Plant Health biostimulants have multiple bioactive compounds that help...

Increase nutrient and carbohydrate reserves and enhance fall root flush

Boost soil health by increasing microbial abundance and activity

Avoid early defoliation, supporting next spring's shoot growth, bud and canopy development, and flowering

Support plant recovery during environmental stress conditions

Promote proline (an amino acid) which protects plant proteins and cell membrane integrity during stress

Acadian Plant Health extracts have complex carbohydrates and bioactives working to protect plants.


Trigger antioxidant production


Stimulate plant defense mechanisms

These carbohydrates (and bioactives like alginates, betaines, and mannitol) have many benefits, including increasing nutrient availability and root growth.

How it works

Role of carbohydrate reserves

Crops need energy stores for peak performance post-harvest. Woody plants' carbohydrate levels fluctuate over the year. Perennial specialty crops rely on stored carbohydrates during the season, from bud burst to flowering. Energy and nutrient reserves are vital to start the season with reproductive growth and fruit development before substantial canopy development can supply trees with their required energy.

Winning with water

Water helps maximize nutrient uptake and carbohydrate storage. Post-harvest water deficits can reduce photosynthesis, root growth, and carbohydrate storage, impacting next year’s bloom development and fruit set. Acadian biostimulants promote the production of proline, a natural stress protector. Proline allows plants to maintain growth during seasonal water stresses by protecting plant proteins and cell membrane integrity that prevent water loss.

Supporting healthy soil biology

Acadian Plant Health biostimulants build biomes through their feeding of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. The fungus stimulates root growth and forms networks of hyphae, increasing root systems’ capacity. Expanded roots offer plants better availability of nutrients and water.

Next season starts now.

A strong start to next season requires effective post-harvest management. Applying Acadian Plant Health biostimulants post-harvest helps prime orchards and vineyards by renewing carbohydrate and nutrient reserves. Give your crop the energy to excel. Contact us to find out more.

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